What I Am About

My name is Zack Phillips and MRBUSTR is where I display my work. I am a well-rounded interaction designer, possessing strong visual and conceptual design skills and prototyping experience. My expertise spans the interaction design spectrum including: UX design, UI design, usability, rich interactive development, and front-end web development. I play an active role in all design-related aspects of the process including research, identification of user requirements, storyboarding, prototyping and iterative end user validation.

While I focus on interaction design, I have shepherded myriad projects where I was involved from the very beginning of the discovery phase to feature generation, design and development, finally ending with deployment and maintenance. Possessing this big picture view give me insight into how the work I do affects all aspects of a project’s life cycle and helps me make more intelligent design decisions.

What else can I tell you about myself?

I am an avid cyclist and an enthusiastic eater. Luckily those things go hand in hand. My wife and I like to plan our vacations to destinations that offer great road or mountain biking experiences and also have happening food scenes. When I am not on my bike or eating I am probably walking the dog, tinkering in the basement, or watching either Burn Notice or Law & Order reruns.


The name MRBUSTR was inspired by a couple of different things. One of my dog Cooper’s many inexplicable nicknames is Mr. Buster (along with Brain Trust, Salad Bar, and Little Red Pants). He is an awesome dog with a bit of a crazy personality, so these nicknames somehow work for him.

I never singled out that particular name until I was summoned for jury duty and assigned as a juror on a trial. The defendant in this particular case was named Mr. Buster. It took all I had to not laugh in the courtroom every time they said his name, as every time I pictured my crazy pooch. From there on out the name just stuck in my head and the rest is history.

Where is the E?

It’s a well-known fact that E’s, as the most popular vowel, are in high demand and hard to acquire. Flickr, Tumblr, Modernizr, and countless other startups found themselves unable to track down an E. This site, MRBUSTR, has also been a victim of this shortage.