Signature Dashboard

Initial flow sketches.
Dashboard overview wireframe.
Multiple devices wireframe.
Support wireframe.
Support prototype.
Dashboard overview creative.

One plan for the Microsoft Signature subscription was the inclusion of a dashboard application that allowed users to manage all the devices associated with the subscription, as well as receive technical support for those devices. To keep in line with Microsoft’s design future, this dashboard uses the Metro design language to navigate through its screens.


Pencil and Paper / Illustrator / Photoshop


The client produced a list of basic features they wanted implemented within the dashboard, but had not thought how they could be packaged together and presented to the user. Each feature had a set of requirements and assumptions that I needed to research before formulating a comprehensive plan. I had to think my way around purchase, installation, Live ID authentication, hardware compatibility and multiple user scenarios in order to get an idea of how the dashboard functioned and what it should ultimately look like.

The flow for each feature was first sketched, then wireframed, to help illustrate to the client all the steps necessary for the dashboard’s success. Features were added and dropped in this process but, most importantly, they were all further defined and improved.

Once the features and wireframes were nailed down, we moved on to the visual design. The client requested that we leverage the Metro design language from the soon-to-be released Windows Phone 7 platform, so further research was needed to ensure that we followed the Metro guidelines.

Working with the designer, we successfully migrated my wireframes into Metro and built a prototype for both user testing, as well as a tool to help sell the dashboard interface to key stakeholders.